How media practices slow down the dismantling of white supremacy

Last Wednesday, the New York Times summarized the night-time, back-roads death of a Black man, a 49-year-old barber named Ronald Greene — who, when he finally expired from numerous and savage injuries, was surrounded by “at least six” white cops…

Bejamin Franklin, the nation’s first postmaster, appointed in 1775.

Leading up to national elections, the USPS is as crucial as it’s ever been

My father was working for the United States Postal Service (USPS) before World War II, and it’s where he met my mom. When he returned from service with the US army in Iran (helping to keep…

In mid-June, an old friend (I’ll call her Olivia) replied to an audio recording I’d made (14 minutes long). I’d sent it to a few of the folks we’d gone to grade-school with, one of the bizarre events that social-media has made run-of-the-mill. The recording was done spontaneously on my…

Before you read, guess the connection: “Nearly Nine” / Anti-Racism.

things you can do from home to advance the cause of anti-racism

by Doug Tickner

Including suggestions from musician, human-rights
advocate, and general bad-ass
Benjamin Mertz

— — — — —

The ongoing global pandemic is one reason you might have not joined the ranks of protestors around the country…

Doug Tickner

Craving collaboration in content-creation, an unabashed xenophiliac in Austin assists in smashing supremacist structures.

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